Ali Center

Lobby Exhibit  |  Global Trivia


The Ali Center wanted to create an immersive exhibit in the Lobby of
the Museum to highlight Muhammad’s life and give a teaser for other exhibits inside.
The Center plans to incorporate innovative technology in many of the displays currently
residing there as well as the ones to come.


Image Recognition
AR Video Display
Audio Play at Marker
Animated 3D AR Elements


Increased Engagement
Increased Downloads
365 Days of Visitor Engagement
Real-time Customer Insights
New Revenue Stream Generation


The Muhammad Ali Center supports a global initiative to help the Hours Against Hate organization urge young people from diverse backgrounds to pledge their time to help end hate by volunteering together and building relationships across lines of difference. With a reach of 11 million individuals across the world, The Ali Center needed a solution to help develop a fun and interactive mobile experience that will increase engagement within their youth programs. By pledging time the hope is that it instills a sense of action, purpose, and satisfaction to combat the increase in hateful speech, extremism, and violence across the world.


The Hours Against Hate app was designed to educate and promote the interaction of individuals with diverse ethnic back-grounds and religious beliefs. We developed an interactive trivia game to educate individuals about the Muhammad Ali’s Hours Against Hate mission and excite the youth in different cultures and societies to get involved with the campaign. The Hours Again Hate App rewards individuals for interacting in a multi-player environment awarding more points for the more diverse individual you play.  There is also a challenge mode to incite a healthy gaming competition.


Donald Lassere, President & CEO, Ali Center

Gamifi could not be a better technology partner. Their customer service, creativity and attention to detail is great. Moreover, working with Gamifi brings you in touch with some really cool, compassionate people.