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A native application Software as a Service that uses innovative Gamification technology to create immersive experiences for several market segments including Manufacturing and Medical Facilities, Safety, Sales and Revenue driving strategies, venues, cities, and events. Modules include Augmented Reality, Wayfinding, Image Recognition, Tours & Trails, Scavenger Hunts, iBeacon and Latitude/Longitude location services, Sponsorship Activation, and Incentives and Rewards – all tied together with sophisticated analytics and tracking.

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Want to get on the map and drive new visitors to your city or venue?  Turn the city or venue into its own virtual playground.  The press alone will prove its worth but the stories people will tell when you have turned an entire building-size mural to life and even rewarded them for engaging – that’s creating a destination.


What is the value of a streamlined on-boarding process that allows for continual education, AR Training in the users living room, force educational training in AR at the workers station before equipment use, and dramatically decreasing accidents in the facility? The ROI is straightforward and easily increased with scale.


The Automotive Sales Industry is a constant strategy game with moving pieces in every direction.  Give your dealership the ability to gain a competitive advantage through the use of an AR Conquesting methodology focused on Rewards and Incentives.  Meanwhile, learn from your users and more adequately target your desired audience.


Ever wonder what your patient does when they get home with their prescription?  Would you like to be able to communicate with your patient without even being there?  Transform yourself to a virtual hologram in their medicine cabinet and continue to help educate even after your patient has left your office.  Create incentives for good health and activity. The possibilities are endless and can be changed in an instant in our dashboard.

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Point of Sale Systems

Integrate our API into your POS.  Capture user analytics and data as your customers participate in a digitally immersive world and create incentives to purchase your merchandise within the system.

CRM Systems

Know who and where your audience is coming from and where they are going.  Tie directly into your CRM to become a truly seamless organization using machine learning and AI when marketing to your target audience.

Custom Third Party API Integrations

Our partnership with Fusioncorp gives us the ability to create any custom API integration.  Even if you have designed your own software, we can create an API extension to your software and ensure the secure and successful flow of data.

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We deliver real-time business results through a value-driven approach to
technology and provide the right expertise according to your needs.

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Customer Testimonials

VisitLEX was thrilled to partner with Gamifi on an augmented reality tour of downtown Lexington hot spots. The entire team leaned in with their creative ideas and skills for a flawless launch of our scavenger hunt. Destinations that really hook visitors—and convert them into lifelong fans—are always looking for fun and engaging ways to showcase the destination and offer authentic experiences. Technology plays a key role in those experiences today, and the team at Gamifi gave us everything we needed to leverage augmented reality in an incredibly cool manner. Plus, the team is just so much fun to work with on this type of project!

Mary Quinn Ramer

President, VisitLEX

Gamifi could not be a better technology partner. Their customer service, creativity and attention to detail is great. Moreover, working with Gamifi brings you in touch with some really cool, compassionate people.

Donald Lassere

President & CEO, Ali Center

The team at Gamifi is outstanding!!! The App and AR experience they created for the Olmsted parks in Buffalo NY has been a huge hit. They are a pleasure to work with and their ‘can do’ attitude is infectious. I look forward to working with them on many more projects in the future.

Bryan C. Wittman

Principal, Dry Creek Group

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